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The Presidency Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Presidency - Research Paper ExampleThe American presidency is the most powerful subroutine positions in the universe, considering the fact that the United States of America is the powerhouse of the sphere. As such, the presidency is among the widely recognized worldwide icons (Watts, 2009). Majority of individuals living outside the US or those who energize little knowledge on the history of the presidency would assume that the politics of the presidency as similar to any other in the world (or to the topical anesthetic and congressional elections), but those familiar with its history know the significance of the office. A keen and closer look at the history of the executive tell of the US government will highlight the powers and worldwide impact the office may have on the entire world. Among the main roles of the presidency as expound by Article II of the American Constitution, include the chief administrator, chief lawmaker, commander-in-chief, chief of state, and the chi ef diplomat, just to mention a few. In contrast to local or congressional elections where several individuals of the same ideology are elected in order for the government to address relinquishs of concern, the presidency, a single individual although chthonic the check of various government divisions, has the power to literary change the entire world. As history has it, US presidents have had the power to implement policies that may contract significant changes in the world, or establish new world orders, as is the case with President Washington. Nonetheless, different presidents in the past have had different policy doctrines that helped them govern the country in their presidential terms (Brinkley & Dyer, 2004). The vast powers held in the presidency office often make the role a contradictory psychiatric hospital and complex one, and very vital to the US government system. Restrictions by political laws on one president act as a liberation for another. A successful policy doc trine for one president may be a complete failure by another, majorly because of the prevailing political and international relations. The US presidency definition may be a series of contradictions, paradoxes, and clashing expectations. Citizens vote a president based on principles and values that are for the most tell acceptable to the society. A citizens vote is dependent on the individuals beliefs, hopes, and wishes. The presidential elections of 2012 will either give Americans a chance to reconstruct President Barrack Obama as their president for another four-year term, or choose another candidate based on their guiding principles and presidential campaign platforms (Peters). The issue of terrorism has been a major topic in the past presidential elections campaigns, with the gradual shift from the democratic diplomacy presidency to the imperial presidency as was imposed by George Bush during his term in office (Brinkley & Dyer, 2004). The 57th Presidential elections to be hel d on 6th November 2012, is expected to feature the incumbent President Obama on a Democrats ticket, a Republican candidate (yet to be decided), and a third party nominee. The presidential campaigns are often marred with accusations and counter accusation, some of which have seen a Republican Presidential candidate, Herman Cain, suspend his campaign on accusations of a 13-years affair and sexual harassment. The Democrats are pushing tax cut extensions as part of their strategy, as well as maintaining their famous

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Science and Scientific Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Science and scientific Change - Essay ExampleI bear upon Kuhns contribution to the field as star of the most important, not because I think hes correct, but because it radically changed the way state think about the nature and purpose of science. Before Kuhn, philosophers generally regarded science as a rational and logical enterprise, with strict standards that guaranteed objectivity. What Kuhn shows, in his The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1970), is that science, as well as scientific change, is not as rational as we think. Scientists themselves are guided not by a set of butt principles, but by their personal interests and values as much as anything else. Many philosophers and scientists have criticized Kuhn for portraying scientific change as an irrational process, one of them being Imre Lakatos. In this paper, I shall focus on the debate between Kuhn and Popper, as emphasized by Lakatos in his Falsification and The Methodology of Scientific question Programmes.I sh all divide this paper into four main parts the first part will discuss Poppers views on science and scientific change. percentage two will be devoted to Thomas Kuhns analysis of the irrationality of science and paradigm shifts. The third part will synthesize the Popperian and Kuhnian debate. present I will introduce Lakatos critique against Kuhn. Finally, I shall end my paper with my conclusion regarding the said issue at hand. Karl Popper What is the main difference between scientific theories and non-scientific theories? This is often referred to as the demarcation problem, which asks, what criterion can we use to distinguish scientific claims from non-scientific claims? What demarcates science from non-science? This is Karl Poppers most renowned contribution. Yet what solution did Popper allow to his said problem? Poppers solution to the demarcation problem is really quite simple. He says that what distinguishes scientific claims from non-scientific ones is its falsifiability. Thus, a hypothesis is scientific if and only if in that respect is some way in which it can be falsified by means of some experiment. If we cannot construct an experiment, which can potentially falsify a hypothesis, then the hypothesis, take down if meaningful, is really not scientific. In line with these two theories that are foundational to Poppers philosophy, it is clear that Popper views science as a rational enterprise, where theory-change is characterized by scientific progress. harmonise to Popper, science changes through a two-step cycle. Stage one is conjecture, and the second stage is causeed refutation. Under the stage of conjecture, a theory is proposed as an attempt to solve the problem at hand. The theory is then put to test by attempted refutations. Attempted refutation occurs when the hypothesis is subjected to critical testing, in an attempts to show that it is false (Godfrey-Smith 61). Moreover, Popper notes that after the hypothesis is refuted, the process re peats again starting from a new conjecture, and so on and so forth. If the theory is corroborated, then it is temporarily real as un-refuted, but not justified. What is important to take note of here is that as the process

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S.O.A.P Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 5

S.O.A.P Analysis - Essay ExampleIt is not quite clear what events do the author create this, most peradventure some extraordinary experience of life and death inspire people to write such essays. Maybe some dramatic decisions which lead to great changes made the author write this piece. Annie Dillard has accumulated a certain quantity of life observations and experience and decided to make general conclusions. Certain disappointment in vulgar life c onceptions could let to writing this essay as well Would you change your project? To what? Whatever you do, it has likely brought delight to fewer people than either bewilder bridge or the Red Sox. (99)The author has a huge audience as the questions she discusses are familiar to every adult who at least once was thinking about such issues as free will, choice, sense of life, termination of persons way. Moreover, she addresses to her reader using the personal pronoun you Any culture tells you how to have sex your one and only life to wit as everyone else does which emphasizes the fact that Dillard wants everyone to think over her questions. It does not matter which race, gender, nationality the reader belongs to, Dellize generalizes suffering and hopes and thinks of the universality of the path in life. (100)Dell doubts typical peoples choices and makes the readers stop the race and ask themselves about their way, goals, and methods of achieving these aims. Sometimes people live without a deep understanding of reasons and consequences. rhetorical questions such as If for him it was contract bridge, if for her it was copyright law, if for everyone it was and is an optimal mix of family and friends, learning, contribution, and joy of making and ameliorating what else is there, or was there, or will there ever be? pushes the reader to the internal dialogue with the author. (97)The author starts her argumentation by describing peoples

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M2A1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

M2A1 - Essay ExampleCase study one interpersonal appointment This interpersonal conflict scenario necessitates ii employees of the identical arranging. The conflict arises from the struggle of promotion and power between the two employees. The cause of the conflict can be attributed to differences in goals, attitudes and values between the two employees. kink has the informational power to influence the work of John. John relies on interim employment reports from Rick in order to accurately prepare summary reports for the entire week. From their on the job(p) relationship, the accuracy of Ricks interim reports depart influence the quality of output delivered by John to the inventory and marketing departments. The conflict is harmful to the organization since it has led to errors in the summary reports and may also lead to inefficiency of work since John will be forced to retrieve the interim production reports from the important frame computer that has a two day backlog of r etrieval requests. The conflict will lead to poor working relationship and hinder teamwork in the organization. Eventually, the conflict will hinder the attainment of the organizational objectives. The conflict is shallow since it entails only two employees and no excessive harm has occurred to their overall jobs (Donohue & Kolt, 1994). ... pective position, but their single differences such as need for power and status, and personality clashes have led to a conflict in their working relationship (Deutsch, Coleman & Marcus, 2006). The second step will entail creating urgency for the need to resolve the conflict through identifying the negative impacts of the conflict towards the attainment of organizational objectives (Donohue & Kolt, 1994). In this regard, the management will identify the errors in the interim production reports, the inaccuracies of the summary reports delivered to the inventory and marketing departments and associated delays in preparation of the summary reports. The third step is creating a favorable conflict resolution environment through enabling John and Rick to cooperate in their working relationship. In this case, Rick must accept blame for the errors in the interim production report and the rude communication to John. Accordingly, John and Rick must openly express their interests on the prospective position and any negative emotions towards each other. The two employees must be prepared to engage in positive dialogue and offer feedback regards the conflict resolution process (Deutsch, Coleman & Marcus, 2006). The fourth step will entail will entail brainstorming for possible conflict resolution alternatives. In this case, the parties will highlight all possible solutions to the conflict. The parties must not avoid the conflict or engage in competition tactics since this will hinder interpersonal relationships and affect the working relationships (Deutsch, Coleman & Marcus, 2006). The brainstorming checklist must aim at enhancing coo peration, reorient the individual values and interests and minimizing struggles power and status between John and Rick. Possible solutions include

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Andrew Jackson Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Andrew Jackson - Essay ExampleOn his defense of the rights of the Federal government during the Nullification Crisis of 1832, Jackson invoked his presidential powers to depone the superiority of the federal constitution. 1Jackson declares that the responsibility imposed on him by the constitution is to ensure that the laws are applied faithfully as long as the execution of his duties is consistent with the potentiality emphatically pronounced in the constitution. This contention delineates get ahead Jacksons respect of the supremacy of the federal law which bestowed on him the authority to apply it objectively and fairly, making sure that he remains loyal to his obligations within legal bounds. Jackson is also unswerving on his perspective towards the role of the federal government as an overseer of the states. For him, southwestward Carolinas illusory power to nullify a federal law is inconsistent with every principle on which the union was founded.Jacksons unwavering fidelity t o fulfill his obligations as president and to draw into practice the fed... This does non connote constraints on the freedom of the states save rather assert the duties of the federal government towards problems that fall beyond the bounds of the states jurisdictions. 3Without this control, states would effect its declare policy towards the Indians which could result to more complications.Such policy makes it possible for the states and the national government to avoid collision. 4The prevention of this collision which purports to preserve the Union by all integral means delineates Jacksons faith in federalism and the ideals he bestows in his office. 5This only shows that Jackson is ready to apply the full force of the law in order to cling to the federal principles which for him form a part of a happy union. In his response towards South Carolinas Nullification issue, he proclaims that he will recourse to force to preserve the Union and views further opposition towards the na tional governments promulgation of the federal law a form of treason. However, this does not try to pit the state authorities against the national government but intends to fortify the federal institutions which all states subjected themselves to. As there had been other states in the past who aimed to weaken the federal institution by threatening to break outside(a) with the union, Jacksons assertion of the power of the central government to bring to a halt these threats resulted to the strengthening of the fundamental system and avoided confrontations between the national government and the states. Jacksons decision not to renew the contract of the Bank of the United States further attested to his consistency in his obligations to the people

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Colonial cities or regions in southeastasia Essay

compound cities or regions in southeastasia - Essay ExampleColonial cities be the conquered trading ports basically by Europeans and later on Americans that are part of a country or nation which were heavily influenced with culture. In Southeast Asia, these may include Singapore, Jakarta, Manila, Hong Kong and Saigon.Historically, the Philippines is rich in culture and tradition earlier to the conquest of the Spaniards in the 16th century. Negritos or Aetas came to the area via land bridges during ice age, while the vast majority of Filipinos are believed to have come from Austronesians from Taiwan. Filipinos intermarried with its neighbouring races Indonesian and Malays and these mixes traded with Hindus from India, Chinese and the Arabs (Zaide, 1993). Trade has been established in most of its earlier ports including Cebu, Davao, Manila, and Dagupan. Doeppers (1972) called these coastal villages.While there had been proofs of a very early settlement in the Philippines, its coastal villages and river courses engaged in wet rice agriculture combined with hunting and fishing. The villages were fragmented and there were frequent inter-village fighting. Each village roughly made up of thirty to a hundred families make up the barangay headed by a datu or chief, followed in rank by the warriors, free men and slaves (Zaide, 1993).Intra-island trade were donation and exte... Philippine settlements in pre-Hispanic period were not at all cities such as Cebu which was a minor port call, and Manila or Maynilad which was a guide on of importation for the Tagalog living around Laguna de Bay (3) and it was also said that of the 2,000 Manila inhabitants, forty were Chinese and twenty were Japanese (Doeppers, 1972). In fact, due to its mess at an outer extremity of the Southeast Asian insular, Philippines also remained more detached with its Southeast Asian neighbours so that Buddhism and Hinduism did not take roots, except for Islam in the south.Mindanao, nevertheless sho wed an integrated group of Muslims that were able to defend themselves effectively (Doeppers, 1972, p 771) and it remained culturally rich with Jolo as the seat of the Sultan of Sulu. Ming naval vessels also visited the area.Colonial PeriodThe Colonial EraIn 1564, an expedition set out from Nueva Espana or Mexico which was the fourth to exploit Magellans discovery of the Pacific Indies. Ferdinand Legaspi, the expedition commander was commanded by the Royal Audiencia to spread the Roman Catholic faith and send back to Spain spices and wealth. Cebu, specifically the island of Panay, became Legaspis choice of settlement. But unlike the South Americas, Manila had no gilded or easily exploitable wealth (Doeppers, 1972, p 772). Instead, it was an established trade port that made Legaspi propose a trade with China. So, a move of the seat of operations became inevitable in 1571. Urbanisation started to occur only during the Spanish period where coastal villages were turned into coastal clu sters or settlements with at least 10,000 engaged beyond agricultural activities. These are called ciudades for cities and villas for towns. Their purpose had

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Environmental Science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Environmental Science - Essay ExampleAnd even the general perception about them is that they are little destructive than other storms. For this very reason so little is known about noreasters. Noreasters are said to have caused heavy snow falls in New England and the Middle Atlantic states. In recent years, the US coastal areas have also been hit by a series of noreasters. All this has guide to more attention towards these storms. Researchers have found that apart from their origins in atmospheric disturbances and their cyclonic winds, hurricanes and noreasters bear little resemblance to each other. Hurricanes are warm-core systems and thus limited in height by the colder upper air, while noreasters are cold-core systems that do not lose intensity with height. Unlike hurricanes, noreasters do not necessarily diversity over the open ocean. Noreasters are supposed to require the support of the jet stream to form, so their prevalence is closely related to seasonal changes in the lo cate and the strength of the jet. Correlation of data for the past 50 yrs suggest that the annual frequency of the strongest noreaster is positively correlated with southerly jet-stream position over the eastern US. Winds speed, its duration and the distance are the three factors affecting the growth of waves. With an increase in any of these factors, the height of the storm surge increases. October to April is the uncomplicated noreaster season with February being the most active month. Some of the features of noreasters which can be summarized based on recent studies areBecause of their diffuse structure, they are ticklish to characterize, categorize and predict. Having not able to establish a direct relationship between a noreasters wind speed and its destructive ply has made the task of classification and comparison of these storms more difficult.Researchers assert that one possible cause for the